Front cover
Dedicated to Nic and all the libertines of da known universe


After reading my book you may think I am against the whole world. In fact I believe I am on the side of the majority of life, from the smallest algae to the largest baobab, from the tiniest plankton to the hugest whale. It is only human society I am against and humans are not the whole world. We just think we are and that is what is wrong with the world today.

All the characters in this book are alive and well and living in your town.Maybe one day you will have the pleasure of meeting us.

We the profligate

The people of Africa

The people of Earth

We who refuse to become

Roman e-creams

We the dissolute

The human race

Must unite against god

For god so loved the human race he created the whole world for us to use as a garbage tip. And we looked and said, "Verily it is too small". So we extended our garbage tip, Yea unto the very heavens.

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